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    November 2017
    M T W T F S S

    About Us

    Tri-State Technical School is guided by a model that traces steps essential in the training course:

    • Career objectives (assessment and evaluation) for CNA and Healthcare practitioners
    • Training objectives (selecting employees, training methods and mode, means of evaluation)
    • Training administration
    • Training evaluation

    Classroom session: Off-the-job training involve lectures, films, special and case study,  simulation, programmed instruction, and laboratory training.

    Online courses: Tri State has listened to you and has brought back many of our online courses. So if you don’t have time to attend your desired course or training in a classroom complete it online!

    Tri-State Technical School training programs include the following:

    • Communication skills development to work with other healthcare professionals
    • Patient Management and Disease Education
    • Crisis and conflict management, how to handle emergencies
    • Computer and technical skills training
    • Workplace wellness and safety
    • Team building activities

    Campus Locations:
    210 East Front Street 
    Laurel, Delaware 19956
    888-601-0116 ext. 101